Our vision is to be the leader in commerce and industry through actualization of women’s business concepts using precepts that showcase confidence and business acumen in the corporate arena.


Our mission is to create kingdom wealth through structured networking forums, business development projects, and skills development programs that elevate women from ingrained poverty levels.

Aims and Objectives

To build sustainable concepts created through networking linkages that benefit women and the economy for generation of wealth and community building;
 To analyze business projects proposed for establishment, enhancement or affiliation to build capacity, upscale knowledge base, develop skills, and project implementation strategies;
 To actualize business plans and rollout project proposals through management programs to ensure accountability and monitoring for going concerns;
 To offer practical coaching and mentorship programs for women in business and industry that will enhance their competences using
their inherent multi-faceted roles and visionary precepts;
 To develop and establish skills development programs for women with specific programmes that target their individual needs based on their core competences to become captains of industry;
 To provide support in building and sustaining healthy and well-balanced relationships in marriages, families and the marketplace.

Networking Forums

As a corporate enterprise, WIM Branding facilities networking forums that promote collaborations among women from different business
and industry backgrounds where skills and product knowledge is shared and strategized. With an extensive database of women across the
globe in business and industry, business initiatives are generated and entrepreneurial competences with identified passion are energized.
WIM Branding specializes in the following personal development programs:

 Corporate Business Seminars (Women in self- owned businesses and corporate employment)
 Head Hunting Business Opportunity Forums
 Food Production and Agricultural Business Development Programs
 Franchise Business Development and Selection
 Visionary Precept Sessions for Personal Development Strategic Planning
 Skills Business Development Program

Executive Coaching and Mentorship.

WIM Branding is a practical coaching and mentorship establishment that provides total personal transformational programs based on
spiritual biblical concepts and techniques resulting in reformation of spirit, mind and body. Programs include:

1. Coaching Programs and Services
 Coaching Assessment (Free)
 Personal Coaching
 Business Executive Coaching
 Relationship Coaching
 Career Coaching

2. Mentorship Programs
 Business Development Mentorship
 Spiritual Alignment and Anchoring
 Pre & Post Marital Mentorship (Pa MPASA)