Project Life Design was Established to help Businesses Organizations and Individuals to design Training and Coaching Programs ,that will position them to be leaders in their Industry.

PLD operates as a group company wholly with an agenda for answering to the individual needs of Women however over the last five years PLD saw a dynamic shift and expansion of the vision which not only saw an inclusion men and young people in its mandate but also had an inclusion helping limping businesses and organisation for growth and success.

PLD conceptualizes, analyses and actualizes business opportunities originating from the linkages created in its association with strategic partners across the globe.

Today, PLD Has Been Transformed into A Dynamic Organization and has a team of men and women That Fully Understand and Believe in PLD’s mandate and the role it can play in The development Zambia and the betterment of Africa.

Our vision is to be the leader in community, commerce and industry through actualization of business concepts using precepts that are uncommon and intangible that showcase confidence and business acumen at an international level

Our mission is to create wealth through structured networking forums, business development projects,
and skills development programs that elevate women, men and young peopl alike from ingrained poverty levels

Values (PETA)
o Passion: Passion is at the heart of our organisation. We believe that when we pour passion into our work and into our client’s interest, everything has more value and it guarantees quality.

o Excellency: We are committed to being the best and deliver the best

o Team work: At PLD, teamwork is vital for success. We are more efficient, Accountable and Synergetic

o Authenticity: We believe in the inherent worth for all people.

" About 2.6 billion people in developing countries face di culties accessing electricity, while about 800 million lack access to water. In many African countries, these infrastructure constraints reduce productivity by 40%. "

— Dr. Nellie Kangwa, Founder

Project Life Design

PLD is a Zambian organization founded by Dr. Nellie Kangwa for the empowerment of men, women and
young people in business, industry and personal improvement and for the growth and success of
business and organisations.

Pillars of PLD Are:

Women In the Market place (WIM)
WIM Foundation (WIMF)Men In the Market place (MIM)
Transformational Liberty Boot Camps(TLBC)
Real Woman Summit (RWS)
Real Man Summit (RMS)

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Women In The Market Place

Women In the Marketplace (WIM) Foundation is a non-governmental organisation with its headquarters in Lusaka Zambia. Dr. Nellie Kangwa founded it for the empowerment of women in all areas of life for their inclusion in business and industry, their personal improvement and for community development.

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Women In The Market Place Foundation

WIM Foundation is an organisation, which came into being primarily to drive initiatives for empowerment of women in all areas around Zambia, and across Africa through skills development in community based enterprises. The foundation is managed by an executive board of women that bring years of experience in their respective fields, for the advancement of women. The foundation was formed on the back of gaps that were identified in the community and business environment, where women seeking business opportunities were seen to have limited or no training and virtually no links to business platforms. The foundation has devised ways of bringing training and personal development to the people in their locations where it is needed the most.

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Strategic Partnerships


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